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Re: Please help with unusual malady: extreme noise/visual irritation.

Now that I have a little time to write, I'll share my story and let you know how my doctor visit went the other day. I am 40 and last year I was diagnosed with ADHD. I suspected it for awhile, but in the process of reading about it, I read something about being annoyed by sounds. I had to interview certain people about myself to take to the neuropsychologist, and my Mom was one of those people. She said she remembers that as early as 6 years old I would stare daggers at my parents when they'd eat. I know I've been annoyed by their eating as long as I can remember but didn't realize I was that young when it started.

All along, if we were in a restaurant or if I had a friend over for dinner, I really didn't notice. I've been married for 9 years and in the last year or so, have noticed a bunch of things my husband does that annoys me. I'm really afraid it's going to take over my marriage the way it's taken over my family relationships.

One thing that isn't related to my family, is my annoyance at things like thumping bass that you can hear through walls. I swear I can hear the slightest bass noise from a mile away that no one else can hear.

My dad passed away in 1994, but the things that annoyed me were: his breathing through the nose, chewing, biting his nails or the skin around his nails, nail clipper sounds and the worst, his snoring. He could wake the dead and to this day, if I'm in the room with a loud snorer I go bonkers. I'm sure there were more but I can't recall them now. With my mom, there's the eating, slurping coffee, chewing gum, sneezing, sniffling and sighing. She also crushes her water bottles as she takes a swig. I jokingly tell her that gravity will take care of that but really, I want to rip the bottle out of her hand. She also has some non-sound habits that bug me. Anything involving touching her hair makes me nuts. Twisting her foot when she's sitting makes me nuts. She'll scratch her thigh lightly sometimes as she's driving and THAT makes me nuts. Snoring - she has an odd air blowing thing when she sleeps. It's not a snore, more like putting your lips together like you're going to give a kiss then blow air out.

It sounds like I have issues with my mom but I really don't. My mom is amazing and smart lovely and loving and well, cool. I want to enjoy being around her but I get really testy because of these things. All my life my parents wondered why I was so moody and cranky and most of the time it was because of these things.

Now it's happening with my husband. Cereal eating is the worst. I can't even be in the room anymore. If he even says "bowl of cereal" I want to rip my hair out. Eating noises are starting to annoy me almost all the time. Drinking from his water bottles, the sound of his glug-glugging makes me crazy. Breathing at night when I'm trying to sleep and snoring. Check. Annoyed. I've also noticed that he has a habit if he's eating and drinking a snack. If he's watching tv, he slowly takes a bite then slowly raises the glass and sucks the milk in. It's almost robotic though I'm sure it's more in my mind than reality.

I've always known this isn't normal but never had any idea that there was a name for this. All week I've been researching misophonia and trying to find anything that will help. Ok, so I mentioned the ADHD for two reasons. One, b/c the chewing issue came up w/ my mom, and two, because I've been on adderall since last summer. I knew it wasn't working anymore and was going to talk to my GP this past week about changing to something else. Plus, my annoyances were getting much worse.

In researching misophonia, I learned it's a disorder of the limbic system. Well, there's a form of ADHD that's limbic and it's treated with Wellbutrin, not "normal ADD" drugs, which can actually make the symptoms worse. The neuropsych seemed to think that my minor depression and anxiety would be relieved with the ADD treatment but maybe it's the other way around. Maybe it's my limbic system that's off and that has caused me to not be able to keep my attention, etc... Regardless, Wellbutrin it is and I'm hoping that in a couple weeks I'll see some changes. I'll let y'all know. Sorry to be so long winded!

OH and my GP said that when she was growing up she remembers wanting to rip her brother's head off when he'd eat cereal. So even people w/o this can relate sometimes.