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Re: help! i have rsd!

Originally Posted by amandalilly7 View Post
I have recently been diagnosed with RSD. I have had a hip problem (left hip) for more than two years. it started with a frayed ligament and because insurance wouldn't approve the surgery i went for two years with the problem getting worse. I eventually had surgery in march of this year. near the end however my hip started to lock and i would either have to lay still for hours until it unlocked or someone could come help me or i would fall. So i took a shower on my own one night and my hip locked and i took a spill half in the shower and half out. After that night my left foot started to swell twice its size and turn almost black. And the pain from it was unbelievable. I have never felt pain like this before. The burning pain, feeling like my foot is on fire and the sharp almost electric shocks that run threw it, is more than i can bear. After what seemed like a million and one tests done on my veins and artery's I was diagnosed with RSD.

Unfortunatly the pain management doctor that i had was not the nicest man in the world. I have a deep deep fear of needles and have to be sedated for any test that has a needle bigger than a butterfly needle. SO, I had 6 nerve shots done. Three before my surgery and three after. The surgery it self did not go well and i have to possibly go back in for another one, but the RSD flared worse after the surgery than it did before. It also spread up my left leg into my hip and left hand and has now started to affect my right foot.

With the nerve shots, i would normally get maybe a day of relief, ( after about three days of the pain and sweeling worse than before) but after the surgery nothing has seemed to work. The pain is getting worse and i am at a loss! I have two kids and am getting married in a year and i would just love my life back! I have tried accupuncture, nerve blocks,im on lyrica 400mgs a day and then pecodone 15mg 4 times a day and nothing is working! I am now seeing a new pain management doctor who has suggested that i consider a spinal cord stimulator. Im scared to death of this. Ive read the pros and cons of the device and they seem to be equal.

IF anyone can offer some sort of suggestion or help for me i would greatly appreciate it! I havent slept in months, maybe an hour or two a night if i am lucky, and to be honest its all taking a toll on my mental well being. Im am begining to become severly depressed and feel as if theres no hope for me. The pain is far to much for me to handle!

Even if someone could let me know that i am not alone in this fight. my family and friends are very supportive but they cannot understand the level of pain i am in a day. It exceds the 1-10 scale. My pain is at a constant 20 lol. i need help!!!! please. i really dont know where to turn.
I feel for you. My daughter has RSD and she found tremendous relief from the spinal cord stimulator, she now is having other issues, and SCS needs to be removed. We find our peace and hope in the Lord Jesus. If we did not have Jesus in our life I dont know how we could do it.