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Re: Non-Displaced chip fracture of Anterior Calcaneus (heel) Questions

Good luck with your search for answers. I wish I could help you, but I was luckily enough to only need 2 weeks NWB and 5 weeks WB. I just got my boot off wed and got the okay to do cardio and walk without the crazy wooden shoe as I feel fit. I guess I can only hope that this provides you some hope that maybe you will heal and won't need surgery. I have noticed a lot of people with calcaneus chip fractures are put in a boot with NWB, but ended up needing surgery in the past or had complications. I am thinking there is a relationship between WB and healing because the research I've done has shown better healing rates. Good luck again and I am sorry you've had to go through this.

In your situation, i'd do whatever the doctor suggests including surgery! I believe you said your fracture is in the ankle, so trust that your doctor probably knows what is best. Most calcaneus fractures for instance result in surgery and I am sure there are many other chip fractures, especially if not healed correctly that end up resulting in needing surgery. Do what you feel is best to do.

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