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Unhappy Feeling a little lost....

I've never really used a message board before but i thought i'd put this message on to see what the general consensus for my feelings of feeling lost and slightly confused about life are...

I'm a 30 year old professional guy who seems to have lost his way in life. I have friends who i can turn to but they seem to be scattered all over the globe and the few that live in my local area - i dont have a lot in common with so this can leave me feeling lonely with no one to speak honsetly and openly to.

I have had several short term relationships within the last year but they never amount to much... Although i have faith that i will eventually meet someone who i click with the time i spend alone when other people are enjoying there "quality" time together just compounds things...

Like i say i am a professional guy who works as a engineer - but recently i have been working on short term contracts so i can never settle in one place. I would live to settle down and meet someone but having studied at university i want to develop my career first.

I know my problem pales into significance when reading some of the other messages posted on the boards but the overiding feeling of lonelyness really gets to me sometimes - i would really appreciate some feedback and your opinion on this matter.....

Thanks - and sorry for my shocking spelling!

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