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Re: Prozac and Alcohol

I am sorry to hear about this! I can offer first-hand experience with Prozac mixed with alcohol. As a young woman at age 23, I like to drink socially. My doctor is aware of this and just warned me to be careful and keep the drinks to a minimum. I used to have a decent tolerance with alcohol for being a petite female. Once I started taking Prozac, my tolerance has been cut in half! I get drunk very quickly, after only 3 or so drinks. I'll admit, I used to have some nights where I drank quite a bit in the past and would get sick and all, but I'd always remember the night.... but ever since Prozac, I do forget big chunks of the night if I'm drinking more than I should. Since learning this, I try to keep drinks to a minimum and drink once a week at the MOST. It's scary to not remember things and get out of control. I don't have any changes in my mood, but I'm also on a pretty low dose of Prozac (20mg). I'd imagine that a higher dose can definitely affect your mood when mixed with alcohol. It's not uncommon to act that way when the two are mixed... I realize I am lucky that this does not happen with me, but I have plenty of experience of the alcohol hitting me very hard and blacking out. It's common for alcohol to cancel out an antidepressant and not make it work, thus, all the negatives from depression would come out worse than they would without the alcohol.

I used to take Cymbalta in the past and noticed that I had a lot of mood swings when mixed with alcohol. I'd get upset very easily over small things that typically wouldn't bother me. I did not have the blackouts at all... in fact, I found that alcohol didn't affect me as much with Cymbalta... it was very difficult to get tipsy or drunk and I'd just get so full from all the liquids. The mood swings were definitely not worth it!

I really hope your son considers how dangerous it can be to mix a lot of alcohol with Prozac and other medications. You really, really have to keep it to a minimum. My doctor said I would be fine with just a couple to a few drinks, but doesn't recommend much more at all. I've noticed this myself and 100% agree. Unfortunately, when you are struggling with depression, it's easy to not care about this and go ahead and drink anyway. If he can talk to you or someone about it, I hope that can help him out! Best of luck!