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Re: Oh no....I lost my pain meds....

IT is up to your Doctor. Mine requires a police report and insurance won't pay until the time for next fill. I have never lost mine but have had them stolen by "friends" before I got wise. I took what i had left and nibbled for the week until my next visit. I can't imagine going 3 weeks. Some people suggest going to hospital when being cut off from PM but all THEY do is shake their heads, call us addicts and give one shot in butt and call it a day. if you don't have a contract your PCP may give you enough to tide you over. if he changes the strength, it is possible insurance will push through since it is a " change" .If your PM will refill with a police report then you have to go that route. 3 weeks is too long to suffer. you will be all detoxed by then