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3 weeks post ALIF pain(discomfort)question??

I was wondering how long or at what point have those of you who had the ALIF procedure still need their pain medication. I am up walking more this week and my pain or discomfort has increased which is to be expected. I have tried to limit the amount of pain meds I am taking a day but am finding like I said to have more discomfort from the increase in walking. I am taking hydrocodone 10/325 1-2 every 4-6 and 10mg flexeril every 8 hours. I have tried just taking 1 hydrododone but I find I am still fairly uncomfortable. When I take 2 I am able to go about 5 hours and I will be up moving alot more because my discomfort is much more manageble. I do want to get off pain meds ASAP. Would like input from other people in how their recovery went and when the pain was almost gone? What I am feeling is incisional discomfort and also low back that is still very sore from being jacked up and tugged at during surgery. I was on pain meds 4 months pre-op as well so I have been on them long enough. Thank you for your input!!

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