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Re: Female having trouble making close female friends, any ideas?

I've been in your shoes before. And I've asked the same questions!
I am the type to have just a couple of close friends, and it takes me months even years sometimes to build that bond. I'm not the type to have 20 contacts/friends on my phone who I call just to chat. I always see women with cell phones attached to their ears, obviously very social women, and I wonder how do they ever have that much to talk about all of the time?
I'm more intorverted and so I can wait for weekends to talk/visit with friends. I get alot of my "friendship" and companion needs met through my boyfriend.

Some things I did in the past to facilitate friendships with other women was to find an activity you like and see who also shows up. I have joined softball teams, bowling teams, and other group activities and met people that way. You get to be pretty good friends when you have to see them each week lol.

Also, since you are married, maybe there are some couples you two can socialize with? Currently my two best friends I met through my boyfriend. They are the girlfriends of his best friends. We all hang out together, and I've come to know and like them quite a bit.

Church is a neat way to make friends. When I used to go regularly, and I was single, I joined a ladies group and before long I had some very good friends!

Good luck! A lot of us have been there where you are. You sound like a lovely person with a lot to offer in a friendship!

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