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Re: Female having trouble making close female friends, any ideas?

I haven't read through all the answers yet or your whole post but I was happy to see you post this, as I have the same problem. Actually I do have female friends, but most of them are from high school and college. I'm 25 now and have a lot of trouble making new female friends. I wonder how people make new friends now. It seems so awkward. "Hey would you like to go have some coffee after work?" I mean, I dunno... the only new friend I've met in awhile is the girlfriend of my boyfriend's friend and I've become friends with some of his friends. But I want my own friends and my own life. I'm curious to see the responses here!

I also really relate to wanting a group. I used to have a group in college, but now everyone is dispersed all over the country. I have a lot of friends but they're all in different states. I don't have any sort of cohesive posse and it really makes me feel lonely sometimes! It's also really hard if you don't drink alcohol - I hate to say it, but lots of people become friends first because of alcohol.

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