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Re: Oh no....I lost my pain meds....

So sorry you are in that position, but honestly if that happened to me..I would just try and make it through the next three weeks...some how, some way. I think I would have my hubby take the seats out of the car to see if they fell down in them...and triple check my luggage. Have you called the place you visited to see if someone either turned them in? I left a ruby necklace on a hotel beside stand and I couldn't believe it, but when I called the hotel the maid had turned it in and it was at the front desk. They mailed it too me.

While I have had the same dr for 10 years now and she has been great....I can pretty much guarntee that not only would she say no, but there would also be a very good chance of her saying that I need to find another doctor altogether. (And I'm the one who took a pain contract into her to have both of us sign and have it in my records..because she doesn't require her patients to sign them and I wanted the protection a contract offers the patient and for her to see how serious I was about my care.) Anyway....

So if you think about it, it's three weeks of horrible pain vs this going on your record and following you around...which may effect you getting another good doc at all...It could be months before you found another doc who would actually prescribe you the meds you need. (But in the docs defense...they may be more worried about their license than replacing your lost meds, especially if she's a doctor that actually prescribes anything more than percoset.) I really do feel for you, because I couldn't even imagine...

One tip for the future, don't ever take all of your meds any where out of the house with you. I only take exactly what I need, just because of the situation you are finding yourself in now. You never know when your purse could get lost or stolen or maybe even your hotel room broken's best to just leave what you don't need at home.

Let us know what you decide... and best of luck!

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