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Significant Other Raped at 7(Please Read and Reply)

Hi I'm new to the board, just joined. The reason I joined is because of my boyfriend.

We've been together for a year and it's hard because he doesn't really open up and last night he was on the verge of tears while we were talking.

At 7 he was raped by a older child, also a boy only 8. I've tried looking up boys raping boys but haven't found anything.

They were in his parents room and the older child asked him to play a game with him, giving oral sex, and my boyfriend said no. The older boy beat him and made him do it anyway. He told him not to tell anyone and my boyfriend didn't. The assualts kept happening four days a week that entire summer and each time he tried to fight back the older child forced him to perform anal sex.

The older child was staying at his parents house while his mother worked and his grandparents watched the two of them. They normally played in his room in the back of the house.

The assualts stopped when my boyfriend's older cousin moved in and taught him how to fight back, the older child also bullied him in school.

For the last 14 years he's kept all this bottled up inside, relationships gone bad. He's put up with gay rumors because he hasn't had sex.

During those 14 years he thought and still thinks he has HIV, hasn't really been sick until lately and only lost weight when he went on a diet.

He's had blood work done twice in the last two years and a spinal tap. The first time his White Blood Cells were low but after his follow up he was told they were back to normal. He recently went to see a blood specialist and he told him he had a case of neurotropenia and that he didn't think it was anything.

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