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Re: working out and sinus tachycardia

I can't comment on how to cure the POTS but I can comment on the safety of your heart going fast for a long period of time. I just had an ablation 2 months ago for AVNRT and with that your heart is normally around 200 beats a minute sometimes even 220 or 230 and I went with that for 5 or 6 hours at a time and it didn't harm me in anyway and I'm 51 years old. I'm not recommending you do that frankly because it tires you out after 2 or 3 hours but 150 would seem slow to someone like me in all honesty and most likely wouldn't harm you. AFib folks have that awful irregular beat and sometimes they have it for hours too and that's far more dangerous than a fast regular rhythm. So don't let it scare you, it should be fine but of course you want to try and find a solution/cure if you can. I know how you feel about the exercise. I will have PAC's for life even though I think my ablation worked and that's enough to make you nuts when you exercise. Flip flop, skips, jumps, can't have a normal heart. I don't even care anymore, I want to lose weight so I'm doing an hour a day no matter what. I think the key is to really listen to your body. If you start to "feel" like it's too much back down and go a little slower briefly. I think the key is to gradually build up the exercise, a little more, then a little more and so on. It may take you longer to build up to what a normal person can do but with time and patience I think it will be fine. That's been my reality over the years and it's been plenty of years being born with a congenital heart problem. Best Wishes.