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Re: Is this skin cancer?

Originally Posted by Chele60 View Post
It might be, and then again, it might not be. If it is a type of skin cancer, it would probably be squamous or basal which does affect the elderly most commonly and can be taken care of fairly easily. Either of these cancers are not typical fatal.

Have your father see a dermatologist and get a look see. If it is something unusual, the dermatologist will schedule a biopsy (or do one that day). If it is cancerous, there will be a portion of skin removed from the area, and a bit of plastic surgery will need to be done to make the area less noticeable. Believe me, at your father's age, this is not all that uncommon.

Good luck, and keep us posted!
Well, finally my Dad went to the doctor after seeing the sore on his face get a little big bigger--and after 3 months of procrastinating! It turned out to be what the doctor called "precancerous". They treated it by spraying liquid nitrogen on it. There's now a bumpy reddish area there which the doctor said should clear up within a couple weeks. He told my dad to come back if it didn't.
I'm sure glad he finally went there, but I wish he'd learn a lesson from the past about waiting and just GO! This could've been bad. He told me that he was able to get to the doctor right away because someone else had just cancelled their appointment. Otherwise, the wait would have been one more month!