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Re: Significant Other Raped at 7(Please Read and Reply)

Thank you for the replies. Getting through to him is kind of hard. I took the advice and I'm trying to help him by letting him talk.

I pulled up picures of HIV rash and asked him did he have anything like that on his body ever, and the answer was no.

The low wbc is scaring him, but he did say something that has me a little worried. He did say he remembered his urine burned one day some time after, but that was the only time he's ever had it happen. Other than that he says he's been healthy except the 2 fevers he had 1 in oct 08 and this past march, though he's still got a cough that pops up daily but not often and isn't as strong as it was when he was sick.

Both of you said that symptoms would have popped up by now and one of you said he'd be dead. Can you explain?

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