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Re: Toxic Drug Blood Levels

first just let me say how sorry i am upon the loss of your son. no child should ever pass before even the parents. did they do an actual autopsy on him or just only the tox screen/analysis? i would tend to agree with you that what was actually realistically only circulating within his blood was pretty minimal in comparrison to what was still left in his stomach that appears was not yet even metabolized? i am no expert here by any means, but this seriously seems a bit low to even be refferred to as 'acute"?

my best suggestion is to do what we did after we had an autopsy done on my father just to find out true cause of death? that would be to simply set up an appt with either your primary doc or his primary doc just to discuss the overall results or autopsy report. or if possible, meeting with the actual coroners office people may be a possible too? knowing if he had an entire autopsy would be helpful? there is always a possibility that 'other factors' also played some part in this too, you know what i mean? thats why it would be better if any autopsy has been done? i just don't realistically see how this could have been so acute of dosage levels that it would have caused death that quickly? but i too would want to know exactly what you do if god forbid this had happened to my child. i do think actually sitting down with your/his primary doc at this point may be much more helpful tho.

i hope this helped some. again, you have my deepest sympathies here, take care, marcia
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