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Unhappy Does anyone suffer REALLY bad chronic sinus infections? This is MISERABLE. r/o pls

I have been doing research until my eyes have felt like they were going to pop out they hurt so bad, let alone from the infection. Currently i have the worst i've had in a long time. Pain behind my eyes and forehead area. I am on antibiotics which will only delay another one to take it's place The doctor looked at me in the ears , eyes and nose and he said that i was so congested he couldn't see anything. He prescribed nose spray and antibiotics: Augmentin. Though i don't know if this stuff is going to work b/c i was on something stronger last time to kick that one. Sigh.

Here is my concern: I was told that mold can be a cause. I had mold in my place ( i live in fl) climbing up my walls of my closet and living room windows. (Water got in when they power washed) They kicked me out and put me in a hotel and gave me 200 bucks to say sorry. Bribe money not to sue them, i guess. Well, a little over a year later , with new walls put up i am concerned that it's back even though i don't see it....I had them come in again to check and the humidity level was at around 50% and they said that everything looked fine. I am concerned that everything is not fine and i am getting a bias opinion b/c these mold inspectors are from the complex i live in. I'm so at my wits end. YES, i have used a netti pot or a replacement of it , works just like one, same technique just more comfortable to use with a squeeze bottle. I am trying to get in the habit of using it everyday now.I wasn't before b/c i guess i didn't realize the severity. I also live with my cat who i am mildly allergic to, and she may be part of the problem, but i've had her for 10 yrs now and the sinus infections only started 5 years ago. I could live with this if it weren't for the constant dull to writhing headache that fluctuates on a daily even hourly basis and the pressure, jesus the pressure almost makes you want to kill yourself. I wake up with a headache and go to bed with one and i can barely think. I know about the dairy rule too. Not sure it's true, but i have started to follow that as well, No dairy. Can anyone give me advice? My doctor seems to be useless.

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