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Re: do caregivers get benefits?

I agree with the poster above...if you are in the US....then the only way to get paid to be a caregiver for a child or to take care of someone elses child or someone elses dependant adult...who would themselves pay you.

You generally don't get paid for taking care of your own family...unless you have a really non-typical relationship with your husband...and he is independantly wealthy, and agrees to pay you for services. I wouldn't think happens often.

As far as benefits...if you are talking about health insurance. Even if he is seen as "permanatly and totally disabled" by the Social Security Admin..then only he would get health insurance from Social Security, not you. Even then he would have to wait so many years after being declared as SSA Disababled.

You may have some luck for you or your child, depending which state you are in. A lot of help for health or dental insurance or other things like extra food for kids under school age...or money for lunch for kids of school dependant unpon your total family income. If your hubby gets Social Security Disability payments then they usually include that as part as your income when figuring if you qualify for low income benefits.

I would start by calling your State dept of human services or looking them up on the internet, to see what programs you may be eligible to apply for.

For a few years, when I was off work due to an injury...we were able to get help with getting my kids health insurance and it went from being a couple hundered a month for them through my husbands work, to $20 a month for both of them. If we would have made less money at the time then the insurance would have been free.

Really there are so many programs out there...I know my friend got help for rent, when she had young kids, and I think money for food as well. So while you won't find an agency to pay you a salary for taking care of your own may get help for other expenses until you get your feet back on the ground. You just have to check and see.