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Re: Lost biopsy; sentinel node biopsy--please help

Sorry to hear this. It sounds like your Doctor may be trying to cover his rear end. Lost a biopsy report since August??????? Not good. Total negligence on their end. The original lab they send out to will have a copy of your original pathology report. I would investigate this further. I would find out who the Doctor's office sends out to and call and ask for your report. It is your report so you have the right to a copy of it. The only way it is truely lost is if they did not send it out at all. If that is the case the know they screwed up big time.

Not sure I myself would return to that office. I had a similar situation that went on for 38 days with a lost bad biopsy report. I got a 2nd opinon and never went back to the first Doctor. When they finally discovered they had not called me they started sending me certified letters to call them.

Find out exactly what you have and why you need a node biopsy. Call the office and get a copy of your pathology report. Do some research and make a decision. If you can afford a 2nd opinion get one. I would probably get the node done if a 2nd Doctor said yes.

Sorry you are dealing with this. This is why when I get a test done now I start calling within 1 week and I call until I get the result. It is a shame I have to do this. MD Anderson puts my reports online for me to view. I like that but do not hesitate to call them if I do not see the results within 7 days.

Let us know what you decide and what you find out. Oleander