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the start

Hi all

i am in the uk im 26 and i have been over weight for as long as i can remeber I have now come to terms that this cannot go on like this and its time for change i am so unhappy and this has been coming for a long time.

I am over 30st wow seeing it written down disgusts me getting on the scales rly upset me there are alot of issues with my weight

I am very depressed its not the only reason but is a big part of it, i have mental health issues that i an now seeking help for as well as my self harm.

I have seen a eating disorder theripast *sorry about spelling* who has classed me as a bringe eatter as if you can place people in classes and groups of what you are.

I start slimmers world on thrus this week i am also thinking of going to my gb about other measures i can take to lose the weight, I will never be thin i know that i want to be smaller, fitter and happy, Im scared i dont have the will power i feel all alone in this, *wire my jaw* anything to stop

I eat as im unhappy im unhappy as i eat........ round and round we go...... Im seeing all the correct people and its taken me a long time to get to this point.

Its a hard subject and im sorry for going on i need people that understand i feel so alone even with the help there not my size or in my shoes.

Any advcie, friendship would be wonderful

thanks for reading

Fizz x :bounce:
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