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Re: Lost biopsy; sentinel node biopsy--please help

Thank you for your replies! Yes, I am quite angry about this. If they'd just done their job I would know one way or the other and I wouldn't be going through this right now. Not to mention that if, God forbid, I do have melanoma, it has now been spreading for 9 months.
I got my lab report today...I also asked the receptionist at the dr's office if they can show me a record of the sample being sent out. All they would say is "We have no record of it". So it seems pretty obvious to me that they never sent anything out--not that the lab or the mail lost it. The dr's office totally dropped the ball, and it seems so unfair to me that now I have to pay the price--not them. I mean the price in pain, incovenience, worry, stress--not to mention the price for a second opinion (which I will get, as I no longer trust these people) and any further tests or procedures that will need to be done to rectify THEIR mistake. Very unfair.
My next step is to find a specialist in melanoma in my area and see him/her.
Thanks again for your replies and hope you are doing well!