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Throat red bumps

First of all thank u for taking the time to listen to my problems and sorry for my bad english....
I have problems with my throat for the past year and a half.
I had my tonsils removed one year ago, had throat pain and always had those gross white rocks in my tonsils...
Anyway the operation was a succes but i had some complications-my tounge went completly white and i cought as a mad dog...
I got the meds went great after that for 14 days i was great but then it all came back...
I still feel the same pain in my throat, and in my tonsill ( some tonsill tissue left after the operation..) there started to form another hole where the white stuff gathers (smaller now). I also have mildly swollen lymph glands around the larynx-neck area and i dont know if the others are lymph nodes but i have severall-multiplle small bumps around my neck that only i can feel when i move them i feel them move..
Anyway v been diagnosed with reactive lymphoditis(dont know if its written right) by the cause of auto immune something...
And also i have to tell that i have always one side of the nostrill like 30 percent functional...
< edited >,,i v got these red bumps

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I think it looks like strep throat? The doctor always sais i have dry throat but i donw feel like i have dry throat ,, i only feel dry throat if im running for abou 30 mins breathing through my mouth.....otherwise it fells quite moist all the time. Even when i wake up in the morning it doesnt feel any worse but exactly the same if not maybe even a little better feeling in my throat... Anyway this red lumps get bigger if my pain is greater...And when its really bad i get this yellow nassal drip sometimes with a little blood in it...The more i talk the worse it gets , cant sing no more
I have to tell u that i have also hay fever allergy but its not that used to be a lot worse even 10 times worse and my throat back then was with the allergy almost gone the throat pain came in..
I would owe my life to u if u could help me in anywAY this changed my life in a bad way i used to be a singer, i dont sing for more than a year (professional training -know how to use my voice)
I v been diagnosed with chronic sore throat due to my hayfever and runny nose , but i think its a false diagnose concerning those red bumps,, lymph nodes, not feeling dry throat....I also feel discomfort and a lot less energy powered
i probably left out some things but these are the things that come to my mind right now oh i forgot to tell that my voice organs? (two voice organs left and right) Only the left was inflamed (red) on the side where the big red lump is and where the symptoms are worse actually the right side is almost ok (i cant mainlly breathe through my right side but it changes sides..) .

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