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Re: help with dating someone with borderline

I am BPD and am getting counseling for it. I would suggest to someone who dates a borderline that it helps to show tolerance towards the emotional ups and downs, which come and leave so quick.
My baseline is: I am in love with my BF. I will do anything for him. It is extreme in the sense that I think of how to please him too much. The problem is he is not sensitive to any emotional display, and is rather judging of me. That does not help! In fact, I just want to shut down if he shows no reaction to my attempts at intimacy.
The solution for me is humor: I don't care who with or who. Humor transports me out of my small minded view that I am stuck in, and helps me to see the horizon, the global view, and then, my little emotional tantrums are no longer relavent.
Please know that BPD are capable of love- we just need therapy to prove our worth so we don't drag the BF's down with us!