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Epstein barr virus and possible fibromyalgia

For all that haven't seen my previous posts below is a list of my symptoms. I just received results on a most recent blood test showing that I am positive for active Epstein barr virus. My pain management doctor thinks this isn't all of the reason why I'm hurting so bad, but will be treated w prednisone and vitamin D3.

My question what am I to expect after starting prednisone? IF I do have Fibro how will this affect my symptoms and if there is a positive reaction how long until it goes away?

I've had mono once close to 15 years ago and I know the virus will remain in my body forever, but how long could've this Epstein Barr Virus been active. From my understanding this virus is prior to turning into Mono (am I correct). Could it have been active for months? For years? The only new symptom I've experienced within the past 1-2 months is episodes where I'm unable to stay awake throughout the day.

Any feedback is appreciated.

Symptoms: (starting from head to foot)
- Anxiety
- Depression
- Migraines occur 1-2 times per week lasting 4-8 hours. The migraines are progressive and start with a deep aching pain at the base of the neck and travel behind the ear into the temple, behind the eye, and ends at the top of the skull.
- CONSTANT deep dull aching pain between the shoulder blades & spine that radiates into the shoulder blades and into the top of the shoulders. (Have had for 3+ years).
- Intense burning pain that travels along the perimeter of both shoulder blades.
- Deep dull aching pain primarily in my forearms, wrists/fingers, but sometimes in my biceps.
- CONSTANT mixture of deep dull & sharp stabbing pain in the low back/hip area (apprx 2-3" from the spine right above BOTH hips). (Have had for 1+ year).
- Intense burning pain that radiates into both buttocks cheeks, but sometimes will go further into the left leg.
- Deep dull aching pain in the tailbone.
- Sporadic sciatic-like pain in the left leg.
- Deep dull aching pain in both legs (primarily left thigh, but some times right thigh; knees; calves; ankles). If after sitting for awhile I'll have jabbing electrifying pains in my knees and ankles.
- Sporadically it'll feel like my right side of my lower-back, side, & stomach is on fire if something touches the area; when bathing it feels like my wash cloth is sand paper to my chest.
- Moderate to severe muscle / joint stiffness in the morning
- Pain is worse in the morning (until 11-12) & then worsens in the evening (around 4-5).
- SEVERE fatigue even after sleeping 4-8 hours. (Was prescribed Nuvigil 250 mg, because unable to stay awake during the day. The med helps but at times I have episodes where I have to fight to keep my eyes open).
- Forgetfulness (well not sure if that's a symptom or if it's just me .. lol)
- When talking I can't seem to "find the right word to say" (my wife hates it because sometimes it takes me awhile to finish my sentences / thought)
- Numbness / Tingling in my left foot and toes as well as in my left hand and fingers.
- When standing (after sitting or crouching) I'll have a really bad head rush
- Uncontrollable twitches / jerks in both arms and legs during the day & while sleeping. Any increase in activity causes an increase in the number and severity of twitches I have.
- HORRIBLE nasal allergies & dry eyes (not sure if these are applicable).
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