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Re: help with dating someone with borderline

I was diagnosed post traumatic syndrome with BPD last month -- it was a struggle and a rude awakening for me. My honey for two years had to really threatened me before I would wake up from this haze cloudy mind of mine to really seek help. Once I got the help -- I began to feel so much better because I have the tools now to get better and help our relationship grow in a very healthy way -- communicate better, control my emotions better and be able to set up boundaries for myself. I understand that he, too, need to do his thing and need some time alone because being with someone like me could be at times tiring and very exhausting. I feel that I am lucky to have him by my side to help me through this haziness. I understand that he doesn't have to but the fact that he has the intention of wanting to go through this together -- that itself is enough. So please give her a chance and don't give up on her. Tell her truthfully and give her feedback on how you feel. Maybe ask her if you could go see her therapist -- ask her what is the best way to help your girlfriend.