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Re: wondering if I have learning disability or something else

Dear Cloggedme 352:

I feel your pain and struggle with some of the same issues. I relate to having trouble coherantly speaking my thoughts to others. Often I am not understood and need to explain further which becomes annoying. It is difficult at times to write reports without leaving out important details. Overall have trouble with dealing with details.
Sometimes I am withdrawn. At other times I am very outgoing.

I am diagnosed with bipolar and ADHD. It took at least 10 years before I got the bipolar diagnosis. My more recent diagnosis is ADHD, and the symptoms have affected me for at least 17 years on the job but now I have a name for it which helps. It helps to know what you are dealing with.

You said that you have seen many therapists. Have you seen a psychiatrist? A psychiatrist can diagnosis you. You can't get a diagnosis via the web.

I treat with a psychiatrist, therapist and take medicine and go to support groups. I have some understanding friends which lend support. I need to work on my self-esteem and confidence, and learn more skills for coping on the job.

In your posting you have indicated many issues. Just as we all have issues we all have strenghts. I suggest that you look at your strengths for a more balanced view.

Good luck in your journey!