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Unhappy Therapist damaged shoulder after surgery

I had pain in shoulder since Dec of 2009, after many visits to different doctors and MRI. I was told I had a small tear in rotator cuff, bone spur on my collar bone and frozen shoulder had set in. They tried physical therapy, cortizone shot in shoulder but nothing helped. 04/15/10 had surgery, but the rotator cuff was only worn not torn, surgeon said would heal on its own. They remove bone spur and broke up frozen shoulder. I stopped wearing sling on the 5th day after surgery and started physical therapy on the 6th day. It hurt so good! The pain wasn't near as bad as the therapy I did with the frozen shoulder before surgery. I made great progress in just a few days of doing the exercises. It only hurt while I was doing the exercises but I was gaining movement with each exercise, it was so encouraging. I even stopped taking pain pills, the pain was not that bad. The second visit to therapy, I told the therapist how great I was doing that I wanted to call the surgeon and thank him for doing such a great job on fixing my shoulder. The therapist started pushing so hard on my shoulder and pulling the heal of her hand over my shoulder so hard it felt like she was ripping my incisions apart, I had to stop her twice and told her just that. It caused a pain in my shoulder that wouldn't go away, I had to go back on pain pills, it was hard to do the exercises because of the pain, no relief from the ice either. I couldn't sleep it hurt all the time. After 5 calls to the sergeon I finally got an appointment a wk after she did this to me. I didn't go back to therapy after she did this. I kept on doing the exercises in the mean time and iceing down my shoulder, but I was losing movement because of the pain. When I seen the surgen he took out the stitches and said there was nothing wrong with my shoulder, I asked him how does he know, he said I am looking at it, he did no kind of exam other then looking at the incisions. I know shoulder surgery is painfull, but I know the difference between recover pain and injury pain, even after explaining I have a knot in my shoulder that wasn't there before she did this to me and now I have pain all the time in my shoulder, then after exercising it will hurt in my neck and back or down my arm into my hand, the pain doesn't ease up no matter what I do or don't do. He asked if I want Oxycottons for the pain, I said no, I will just deal with the pain, I don't want to get addicted to those on top of everything else. I talk to my insurance co and they sujest they find a different doctor for me. My question is, am I being rediculious about the pain? And why would a therapist do this, cause so much pain when I was doing great before she did this.And how can this doctor be so sure she didn't do damage without checking anything. Now I have popping and grinding in my shoulder every time I move it and do my exercises.And I am scared to death to go to any Therapist, afraid of what they will damage.I would appreciate any experiences anyone has had with Therapist and Doctors and is it just me or could they be wrong and just don't want to admit

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