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Re: What does research say about SIDS

Originally Posted by mmejia18 View Post
what I've learned about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is that it is a sudden, unexplainable death of a healthy baby. The exact causes are unknown. There are many possibilities that are related to a parents smoking, the child sleeping on their stomach, which can cause them to asphyxiate, and overheating.To reduce the risk of SIDS give the infant a pacifier, the sucking will allow them to remain active. Also if you breast feed your newborn they have a firm head, this builds up there muscles and allows them to pick up there heads if and when they are sleeping and cant get enough oxygen.

hope this helps!
SIDS is "UNEXPLAINABLE". It is very sudden, and a SIDS baby cannot be revived no matter how soon CPR is done. Smoking, ashyxation, overheating, suffocation, apnea are all different things, and have a classifiable cause of death. The cause of death would be labeled as these things, and not SIDS. SIDS is when there are no explainable reasons to the death, after an autopsy/toxicology are done, death scene investigation, etc. My daughter was a beautiful healthy five week old, who went to bed, and never woke up. This was just over 2 years ago. She was on her back, strictly breastfed, and at the time, I was an instructor for the Back To Sleep Campaign. I taught my clients how to 'prevent' SIDS. The causes of SIDS is still a mystery. I've met hundreds of SIDS parents just in the two years I've been one, and have seen so many different situations. Some babies were wide awake in their moms' arms, breastfeeding, and instantly died. Others were in their car seats. Another is a paramedic, who was playing with her daughter when she died, was rushed outside to the ambulance seconds later, and still couldn't be revived. SIDS can happen to anyone--race, religion, background, etc.

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