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Fibro question? Pain has moved.

Back in October I developed a weird lower back pain. A burning that caused pain. Had a CT nothing showed.
Some people said disk issues other Si joint. I started beieving it could be also related to my disk or Si.. Well, I was going to make an appointment to have MRI done (finally after coming to the conclusion it probably is back related) in about 3 weeks, but now all this pain in my lower back is gone and moved up across my left flank area, my kidney. It's burning like my skin in that is irritated, but it isn't and there is achy pain. I am debating now on going for this MRI, because the pain has completely moved. No more hip pain or lower back.
I am now convince this is all fibromyalgia related. This stuff is literally moving around in my body. The pain today is of the same duration of the lower back pain only its moved to my kidney area. It isn't infection or stones. It's got the fibro trade mark. have any of you had this mysterious moving pain, but I have the back pain/hip for 7 months, so it weird to be gone and had moved to a new area.

I have fibro, but I don't consider or haven't consider it as chronic because it comes and goes and is usually for a couple of weeks duration only. Although, I did have it one time in my legs for 8 months some 20 years ago when it was unknown.

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