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Re: Therapist damaged shoulder after surgery

Hi Mashreed I understand and most of all feel what you are going through! I had ortho shoulder surgery (for a torn labral) on 3/23/10. My surgeon said no PT for 3 weeks post op except for streching exercising I did at home. I started PT after he took out the stitches. So I start and they do the stim and PT who is known for making people scream stretches me out and feels my shoulder just like that PT. Two days of pain and twitching. When I went back in I told them what happened and they gave me someone else who was milder. No twitching the way they did it. You may want to get another PT.

Also from my own experience I've found is get right back out there and stretch even with the pain because it get's better. It sure is hard to do that! I'm on vacation right now and was stretching and swimming alot and one day I had such pain you wouldn't believe. Just like you are saying with the noise in your arm etc. I thought I would have to cut short my vacation. I gave it two days and said heck with it I'm not ruining my vacation so then I went into the pool and stretched but not as hard and the next day it was better. I still have pain but not as bad. Just hang in there and keep stretching and you will feel better.

It really stinks when they are that sensitive to your pain which really makes it seem worse. I hope your situation is better!! Feel free to ask me any questions!