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Unhappy Re: SINUS - ALLERGY HELL! Please help

Thanks for your replies. I should have said, have done saline rinses (been using a neti-pot for a couple of years to keep my allergies under control) and have been heating up hot compresses to help with the pain. The new painkillers he gave me yesterday have taken the edge off the pain, but I still feel awful and blocked in my ears and face & theres still alot of pressure/headache. My doctor is a nice man and have been with him a few years, but as I have had chronic sinus problems a few years ago its almost like he thinks it will right itself eventually and theres no point seeing an ENT as will just said its sinusitus due to my allergies. I cant help but thinking it may be worth a shot though, takes so long on the national health service to get scans etc, so would find the money to pay if need be somehow. He doesnt seem to see the point, as thinks its due to my allergies, and steroid treatment is the way to go, but a scan may show something or at least rule things out maybe.

He rang me this morning at home to see how I was as I was so upset when saw him yesterday due to the pain. I told him the painkillers had taken the edge off and would continue with 8 a day steroids, see how I go, but if it hasnt eased by Monday im going to insist on a scan or seeing an ENT urgently because something has to be done. I dont understand why if its my allergies, why nothing is easing it, im on antihistimines daily & already use saline & avoid any allergens (had allergies for years so have dustmite proof bedding etc). Im even keeping a food diary, but theres no pattern in symptoms. All I know is I feel worse this past week then I did to begin with.

I wish I knew what the hell was going on. Im losing so much pay from my job, not to mention risking losing it due to my absence, and need to get well.

Any advice x