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These are really all questions that you should ask your doctor. I had AML in July of 2004 and had a BMT in October of 2004. I am currently cancer free. The longer that you are post bone marrow transplant the better the numbers get. The first two years post transplant are the most intense with the highest rate of relapse. I do not know the numbers. When I asked my doctors and nurses this same question, I was told by my nurses that they could count on two hands the number of patients that had relapsed after a bone marrow transplant. I am now over 5years post transplant and I am still cancer free. I can tell you that so far the worry about relapse has not gone away. Every time I get a bruise, or a new sore -- I still keep track of how long it takes for it to go away.

I would definitely not listen to a friend when it comes to relapse of leukemia. Everyone's body is different! I also do not feel that a relapse is inevitable. I was given a 30% chance of being cancer free for the rest of my life with a bone marrow transplant, 10% without. So far - all is well!