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Autoimmune disease?

Hello...I've been to so many forums (and doctors) looking for answers to what might be causing me to feel ill for many years. A brief history, I had chronic diarrhea for almost 10 years and had to mix this awful tasting medicine into every one of my drinks at every meal. All the tests the Gastro doc took always came out negative. One day during a PCP office visit I mentioned that I was extremely fatigued. They checked my Thyroid and found out I had an under active Thyroid, I was then put on Synthroid. Immediately the Diarrhea stopped. My next symptom which started the same time the fatigue started was dizziness, not spinning, but more of an off balance feeling. I saw ENT docs, two Neurologists and a medical facility dedicated to balance disorders. Long story short, was diagnosed at the time with MAV (migraine associated vertigo) and was put on meds for that. The off balance feeling was not completely gone which ultimately led to depression which led to an anti-depressant. The anti-depressant actually helped with some of the off balance feeling and kept my mind straight. Endocrinologists have discovered I also have low testosterone and Adrenal Insufficiency. I've been checked for Pheocromocytoma of the Adrenals (urine test) MRI of the head for a Pituitary tumor both negative. I did have a 24 hour urine test for Creatinine and came out abnormal (high side of the scale) but the doc hasn't discussed this with me yet. I have resting tremor (muscle twitching) on all five fingers on my left hand, the worst being my index finger. I'm on medication for high blood pressure but do have Orthostatic hypotension. Could there be any connection?

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