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Re: Help: My mom is suffering and I want to find out why.

Originally Posted by EagleRiverDee View Post
How long has she been sick?

My mom had a bout with C. Diff. in her gut for a year. She had to go to a specialist to be diagnosed, but in the meantime she was in all kinds of pain and couldn't even leave the house as an urge to use the restroom would come upon her sudden like and if none was available...well.

There are some gut bacterias that can be nasty, when they get out of balance. C. Diff. is one of them.
Well she has had stomach problems for quite a while now, estimated 3 years and her abdominal pains would come and go. But she finally decided to go to the ER because the pain was unbearable. I am almost certain she has something wrong with her stomach...I mean they did say she had a minor infection, which in my opinion caused the inflammation of her intestine and lungs.