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Re: Help: My mom is suffering and I want to find out why.

Originally Posted by EagleRiverDee View Post
Do you think the problem is with her stomach, specifically, or with her gut?

My mom had unbearable pain but in the gut. It would double her over. Some days she'd be running to the bathroom constantly with diahrea. She said it stank something fierce, also. The pain got so unbearable she was ready to commit suicide. I encouraged (aka forced) her to go see a specialist, which is when she was diagnosed with C. Diff.

Have they run any checks on a stool sample of your mother's to check for bacteria such as C. Diff? If they just gave her a broad spectrum antibiotic to try and kill a general infection, they could have made things worse, if your mom has a super bug. C. Diff. is in the same class as MRSA- it's a super bug and takes a very specific antibiotic to kill it.
Yeah my moms symptoms are usually pain on the left side of her abdominals, and vomiting, I don't think she actually had any diarrhea. Doctors just gave her a general antibiotic without running any stool tests which is what ticked me off. They also prescribed her omeprazole which I think is for high stomach acid and gastritis. Next time she goes to the doctor I am going to go with her to demand certain tests.