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Re: SINUS - ALLERGY HELL! Please help

Hi all, Thanks very much for all the advice given, most appreciated.

My sister phoned my doctor to again explain how bad ive been and he is now getting me an urgent ENT appointment and has also arranged for an MRI scan to be done - he has said it should be through in two weeks. I was under the impression that CT scans are more appropriate for sinus issues, but he told me he discussed it with a consultant ENT who informed him he prefers to use MRI scanning, so thats what I will be having.

Im on day 8 of the Predisone steroids (currently taking 40mg a day which is 8 tablets). The pain is still here alot, but the painkillers the doctor has given me are at least managing to take the edge off it, although it quickly comes through when I feel them wearing off, so have to keep taking constantly.

Im due to see my doctor again Monday & have the appointment with the allergy specialist on Friday next week, which my doctor referred me to at the start of this to see if any more can be done to manage my allergies. I already had allergy testing etc done by a specialist 3 yrs ago, so know what my allergies are etc & most of the time manage them pretty well, but for some reason this time its gone haywire and nothing seems to be working. Ive heard a few people mention that the steroids do help, so Im waiting on them starting to work. Im just so glad i'll be having the scan to check me out. I know its likely to be sinusitus as it has been in the past, but things can change in 3 years and so this hopefully will shed some light on whats going on in there. I hope!

Ive started a blog on living with allergies if anyone would like to read & contribute any tips let me know or message me and will send the link. I presume links cant be posted on here?