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Re: Crush on Work Friend (pls read if you're bored. It's long. lol)

Alright, I was bored. I read it. Lol.
First off- let me say that I've been in the EXACT SAME SITUATION as you. I'm dating a girl. Had a crush on a friend who was totally straight. (And didn't know that I was kinda into her.) I did the exact same things you did. Went out of my way to be awesome. be there for her, all sorts of stuff. I always caught myself over-analyzing situations that really didn't make sense to analyze. (But when you like someone you can't HELP but to over think things.) The only advice i can to either STOP digging her. (The way I do it is, just try to think of what it would be like dating someone like her? Would you really want to waste your time thinking of her when shes wasting her time thinking about someone else?) Now, the thing that makes us different is...You say you just want to be friends, but really. I doubt that's what you want. I bet you would just want one intimate experience to get it out of your system, lol. I feel that way, anyway. The girl I was chasing was TOTALLY not the type of person I'd date, but for some reason I liked her, and only wanted a little something. Once. Just to see.

Its tough when you're given all these clues, and signs...
Just think past it, anyone can make anything into something. This chick just wants a friend, and you want ...well what DO you want?