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Is MS diagnosis confused with Parkinsons?

Both my parents had Parkinson's Disease, had tremors, visual issues, some balance issues, and eventual senility. The tremors were evident in their fifties and sixties, the diagnosis not until their seventies and eighties.
I am 60, and have recognizable symptoms similar to theirs. They never had MRIs, just a family history of Parkinson's (grandparents, brothers)

I took care of them and know the disease well. After they passed, when I was in my fifties, I began to have tremors. I had had numbness in my forties, and visual problems in my thirties.

I was diagnosed in my late fifties with not Parkinson's but Multiple Sclerosis ... no one in my extended family ever had this diagnosis. I was prepared to deal with Parkinson's after retirement, but now I'm dealing with MS while trying to reach retirement.

I think I have what my parents had ... maybe wishful thinking, maybe I'm right... I take nightly injections that burn for MS ... they had nothing like that while they were working and living independently with tremors etc. I wish I had never gone to find out what I have ... and I doubt the diagnosis, and unfortunately resent the treatment and feel guilty that others who seek it cannot get diagnosed as rapidly as I was.

Has anyone else ever found out later that what doctors called and treated as MS was actually Parkinson's To Be? Or am I grasping at straws because of this painful, awkward, unattended treatment? I now also take anti-depressant and anti-anxiety meds, because of the diagnosis...
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