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Need a little advice

So let me start off I am 38 years old female. I seem to always have a high WBC. The last 3-4 months my WBC is around 11.8-13. I have a High RDW 17.4and MPV 11.8. I just had some lab work done on Friday and was told today that my WBC is high again, but I don't have the numbers and I see the doctor on Friday.

I of course looked up leukemia and was shocked to see how many symptoms there are. I have had really bad body pain, joint pain for the last 3-4 weeks. Every part of me aches. I have started getting headaches this past weekend. I am utterly exhausted all the time. I come home from work and lay on the couch I have no energy to do anything and if I do my bones hurt so much I have to stop. I have no weight loss at all which is something I could use. I also get yeast infections alot, probably every month it seems, I did see the GYN and she cultered it and she said it was nothing but yeast and gave me diflucan to take. I started with another on this weekend, after not having one since February.

Anyway, I don't want to be the type of person that says, "Does this sound like Leukemia" but I am just wondering if it is possible. I don't have leukemia in the family, but I do have 2 uncles with cancer and one aunt.

I just don't feel well and just looking for some advice or tips.

Thank you


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