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Re: Newbie facing PTTD surgery-please advise

I don't know if you got any advice on preparing yourself for your surgery, but here's my 2 cents. Get some comfortable elastic waist pants or shorts. Since you're having this in the summer and may mainly wear shorts, I guess you don't have to worry about the size of the hem of pants. If you wear pants, remember that they have to fit over your cast or whatever. And the elastic waist is easier for when you need to go to the bathroom. For the first week, it will feel like being able to get to the bathroom is such a luxury!

If you can get a leg caddy or knee walker, do so. They're so great. Not only to they allow you to get around a little more quickly, but also not having your leg all the way down seems to help a little with the pain. Rent or look on craigslist. I also found a walker useful. What I do is use the caddy downstairs and crawl up the stairs and use a walker upstairs. Another thing about the walker is that it can be used over the toilet for support getting down and back up (using it "backwards".) Crutches are always good to have around, too. Since it's warmer weather, you can look for crutches and walkers at garage sales - they're not too hard to find. Another thing I bought on a whim was knee pads - they're great. Sometimes it's just easier to crawl around!

I also had a toilet seat with handles that my husband attached. His mom had had hip surgery a year ago and lent me one - I'd hesitate to get one used other than this!

Make sure you have some easy healthy meals in your freezer. And make sure you keep your fluid intake up.

Have some books, magazines, movies, whatever, to keep yourself occupied. It can be easy to be tempted to do more than you should. You need distractions! Now is a good time to read books or whatever that you haven't gotten around to.

Talk to friends just ahead of your surgery and see if you can't plan an outing with a helpful compassionate friend maybe a week after your surgery. I really didn't feel like going out before that, but by then I had developed cabin fever.

Hope this helps. If I think of more ideas, I will let you know.