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Re: he's on the brink, i don't want to lose him.

I agree with Caberg. However, you didn't say what it is that you did, then talked about to lose his trust. Now I understand that you probably dont want to disapoint him yet again by placing it out on the "information super highway". But what I'm getting at is that even though the idea of talking about something to your girlfriend might about a private matter may seem like no big deal, the subject of what you were talking about may have been. Does that make any sense? On the other hand, some men just have no idea that NOTHING is sacred between a girl and her mother, her sister, and her best friends. In fact, they no more then probably your spouse or boyfriend ever will. So this may be a lesson that he needs to accept. Like Caberg said, you might be comming up against one of the many roadblocks of incompatibility. Me personally, unless the subject was telling your friend about a murder, or some other type of felony that the two of you committed together, then I cant see where the huge breech of trust is. Girls talk to their friends, its a simple rule of life. Perhaps he feels a little out of control of the situation? Like if he cant control who you talk to and about what you talk about, then he isn't in control at all.....and if he cant control you, then he doesnt want you. Just a guess, but I'd take a good hard look at "HIM" if I were you. Good luck.