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Another worried daughter needs help...Dad has Stage 4 PC.


My Dad was diagnosed with stage 4 PC in March 2010. Initially the doctors suggested a biopsy but after getting bone scan and MRI results, it was discovered that the cancer was already spread to his bones (pelvic, spine and almost all major skeletal bones). So his urologist said that biopsy is no longer required and we should start the treatment asap. PSA at the time of diagnosis was > 500.
He had his Orchiectomy done in end of March 2010. He is now getting Zometa infusions once every 3 weeks and also taking Bicalutamide 50mg.
I have a few questions and would appreiate any help:

1) Is this the correct line of treatment for him?
2) Can we find out his Gleason score now? I have heard that biopsy is the only way it can be discovered.
3) Is PSA related to the level of metastasis? Does extensively spread metastasis imply a high PSA?
4) His spine is effected by the PC cells and his hemoglobin before the treatment was 9 which went further down to 6.7 within 14 days of Orchiectomy. Is this normal?
His first PSA test is scheduled in July 2010, that is, after 3 months of surgery. How low shall we expect it to go? Also, he will complete 6 Zometa infusions by then.


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