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Re: Is MS diagnosis confused with Parkinsons?


You said you're doubting your diagnosis. I don't know anything about MS. Can it be definitively diagnosed by tests? If not, I'd get a second opinion from a movement disorders specialist (a neurologist with advanced training in movement disorders like PD). PD can't yet be pinpointed by existing tests (although a flourpdopa PET scan of the brain can help, I've heard). Diagnosis depends on clinical symptoms and the skill of the doctor. So it can easily be misdiagnosed. According to my husband's specialist, there are many other neurodegenerative disorders which could cause similar symptoms.

Anyway, we are just getting started with all this ourselves. My husband had a general neurologist tell him he definitely has PD, while the specialist (trained at Beth Israel in NYC, which has a big movement disorders center) is sending him for further testing, and suspects it's not PD. We are going to Columbia and NYU, also.

It's important to try to get the diagnosis right--especially if your treatment (the injections) is hard on you.


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