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please help me, I need words of encouragment...

I do't know where to start, I have suffered from panic attacks since I was a child,I'm hoffified ,and don't know why. I recently took a trip to Costa Rica with my boyfriend ,Sounds like fun huh??? Not for me the plane rides were excrisiatingly scary ,and i hated being so far away from my family and children,I came home thinking alll would be back to normal, to find it was worse. I'm scared of everything. I worry I will loose my mind and hurt my children,or forget how to function, almost like I'm not conrolling myself. weird thoughts like nothing is real... etc.. Then I feel like it will never get better,and depression sets in, everything seems wierd like a dream. I see my life in front of me, but i'm not connected.. I can't feel happy.. I want to LIVE.I"M so scared. recentley went to hospital , and was given atavan cause I could not stop crying.. please someone any words???? I don't know how I'm functioning right now,, Its like my brain has a hightened awarness, I question everything. please help

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