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Pretty sure I am dying, but hope not. No Health Insurance or money. Any advice?

Hi, 22 year old male here 5'8 around 160 last time I weighed myself but that was about a year ago. I got out of the military August of 09' (Navy). I am almost certain I have a very bad disease in my body but I have no health insurance so no hospital for me, perhaps you can help me diagnosis so I can at least try to treat myself with over the counter stuff? I currently live in San Diego, CA so the weather/climate is obviously not an issue.

It all started November 09'. Me and my friend were smoking some weed out of a foot long bong (I also smoke cigs). I took a hit, and about 2-3 minutes later started to freak out a bit. It felt as if there was something in the center of my chest (right between my nipples) and it was trying to get out. Long story short my buddy called an ambulance but when they arrived I was feeling better and told them I was fine and in no need of assistance.

I have smoked weed and spice (Just synthetic weed sold at smoke shops) dozens of times since and I still get an odd experience where my chest feels pain and I have difficulty breathing when I am high. I think it may be all mental but you can never really tell.

Through the initial experience I have developed a sunken chest. The dip in my chest appears right where I had the sensation stated above (between my nipples, perhaps a little below). Over the course of the past 7 months the dip in my chest appears to be widening in depth and circumference. Shortly afterwards I started to feel pain in my neck and upper chest on a consistent basis (which I still feel today and currently as I write this). The pain is rather persistent and gets even worse whenever I smoke cigs/bud/spice. During these fits my neck seems to enlarge and deflate at will, and there appears to be bumps inside my neck right by the adam's apple. My adam's apple also seemingly apears to be between 2 of my bones and sometimes sinks to a point where i have to push down on my neck to feel it.

Often times during the attacks to my neck and chest, my jaw and teeth would go numb or start tingling. When I move my jaw around it feels like there is something stuck between my gums and my teeth right at the chin. I have to constantly spit when I am smoking anything. Sometimes I get a loud weeze from breathing in and out.

I also appear to be suffering from a bloated stomach at all times. I can breathe out air and my stomach decreases in size by a great deal. In this state the skin is flappy and seems to overlap as if there is no muscle. I have had constant sinus problems since the sunken chest ordeal, but I read that is to be expected. I get rashes on my upper chest and shoulders that go away after a short period of time. I have constant gas issues, as I burp and fart practically all day, regardless of what I eat.

When I deficate and/or fart, I get goosebumps almost everytime. I also get goosebumps for no apparent reason whatsoever. My feces often has red trails in it, which I hope are not blood?!? I have been developing little dark red spots on my skin in random places but this is very infrequent and more of a recent development. In my right arm I developed something of a scab that I had no idea from what. It was shaped in a circle, brown in color and seemed to indent into my body. It does appear to be healing but at a very slow rate.

When it comes to my body I look much skinnier (besides my bloated belly). It appears what little muscles I had in my arms have completely went away. When I hold my arm out straight, there is a noticable gap right at the elbow where my bone should be, don't know if this is normal? I can feel the bones on my shoulder as if there was nothing between my skin and the bone itself. This holds true to waist area as well, where I have developed dark skin right on the hips. Though I still have the same sized legs from my thighs down. My knees do appear to be like my elbows thougha nd when i hold my leg straight out there seems to be an indent in my skin where there used to be fat or muscle but now it just appears to be a hole or indent in my body.

About a month ago I severely sprained my right ankle playing basketball. For a 3 or 4 day span I hoped on my right foot to get around as I did not have support. After my right ankle seemingly healed I started to develop pain in my left foot. Keep in mind I have a metal plate in both legs, one for a broken leg when I was 13 and another for a broken ankle when I was 19, both with numerous screws attached. This pain that developed in my left foot is still there today. It feels as if the bone in the toe closest to my big toe appears to be off, like it is still there but not correctly connected. The pain in this foot varies greatly depending on the day, but there does not seem to be any swelling. I noticed that I started to bleed out of my toe closest to the pinky toes on the same foot. The blood appears to have come from underneath the nail but that only happened once. My foot does not go numb.

I have been suffering from insomnia that past 3-4 days. Even though I stay up til well past 2 AM, I only sleep for 6-7 hours before I awaken. It is not steady sleep, the longest without waking up is only 4-5 hours. I am typing this at 5 AM in the morning haven woken up at Noon today after having fallen asleep at around 4 AM the previous night. Perhaps my sleep schedule is just off?

I get random pains on my body, and often have the feeling as if a bug is crawling on me, but there is very seldomn anything there. There are little pimples that appear on my chest, and other random parts of my body but go away completely after about a week. There are times where I can see all the viens in my hand, or I look in the mirror at my chest and I can see the blue viens through my skin but they are not sticking out. I have not cut my toenails in a very long time (2-3 months) but they do not appear to be growing back.

I have taken and abused extasy, acid, 2cb, cocaine, marijuana, oxycontin, and other pain pills/prescription drugs over the course of the past 8 months as well. I hope I am just in very bad shape due to my reckless living style and there is nothing truly wrong with me but the pains in my neck and chest are telling me otherwise, along with the odd loss of muscle/fat and loose skin that is left behind.

I understand the first tip or advice given in this thread will be to stop smoking and taking drugs, and start eating healthy. I will try but I am very weak willed and constantly fall to the prey of peer pressure, so we can assume these things will continue til death (be that at age 25 or 45).

I cant really think of anything else right now but I know there is more. Any over the counter ailments I can use for the above stated symptoms? I know this seems like alot, but Ive been dealing with this stuff for 8 months and have not told a soul anything, so sorry if its a bit unreadable.

thank you so much for any help or advice you may give in advance, I truly appreciate it.

ECIT - I tried to get advice from a live doctor on this site but it keeps telling me bad request? That would be cool if I could talk to someone about whatever is happening to me.

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