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Re: Pretty sure I am dying, but hope not. No Health Insurance or money. Any advice?

Monorojo: How long were you in the service? Where were you? Over seas, in Iraq, Afghanistan? Maybe you caught something there and brought it home with you. Yes, I'd say you're living a strange life doing all those drugs. Not good! Don't you have any benefits from the US Gov't since you were in the service?

You should be able to be treated at a hospital. Most hospitals have some kind of services available for free care for people without insurance. If you've got some dreadful disease that could be passed on to other people the Board of Health and the NIH should be aware of it. Call your local Board of Health and see what they offer for assistance. When you tell them you were in the service they might give you some consideration. You never know until you try.

You're too young to be having these problems. You need to wake up and get your life straight before you do something worse to yourself or hurt others. I'm amazed that the military didn't straighten you out!

I don't know where you live but you could also seek out any free clinics that might be available where you live. You need to let others in your family know what's going on so they can try to help you as well.

Please try and clean up your life. Take care and good luck.