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Re: Pretty sure I am dying, but hope not. No Health Insurance or money. Any advice?

Hello, I am not a doctor, just a layperson who will tell you my thoughts.

The chest pains and difficulty breathing during and after smoking: maybe you're damaging your lungs with all this smoking.

You say you think you have developed a sunken chest and it "appears to be widening in depth and circumference." Maybe it appears more sunken due to weight loss due to your lifestyle. It's also possible you are starting to obsessively examine your body and see things getting worse that aren't really getting worse.

Pain in your neck and chest, numbness of jaw and teeth, sinus problems: all sound like symptoms of smoking and stress. (Stress makes you tense, causing neck and jaw pain and stress and smoking decrease your immune system.)

Rash on upper chest and shoulders: stress can cause this, exposure to drugs/toxins, or a virus?

"I have constant gas issues.....My feces often has red trails in it, which I hope are not blood?!?" My guess is hemmorhoids due to poor nutrition, not enough water, lack of sleep (which can cause IBS/constipation.) If you think you have blood in your feces, you should go to a doctor, though.

"little dark red spots on my skin in random places" Are they cherry angiomas, a normal thing that starts to appear in one's 20's and 30's?

"In my right arm I developed something of a scab" Maybe a cut you didn't remember getting or a bacterial skin infection, but if it's healing and getting better (not ***** or dark pink or hot like an active infection), then keep an eye on it. If it isn't healing or starts to hurt, then see a doctor.

"When it comes to my body I look much skinnier (besides my bloated belly). ...It appears what little muscles I had in my arms have completely went away. " Drug use will do that to you.

"About a month ago I severely sprained my right ankle playing basketball...After my right ankle seemingly healed I started to develop pain in my left foot. ..." Maybe you overcompensated using the left foot and strained it.

"I noticed that I started to bleed out of my toe closest to the pinky toes on the same foot. The blood appears to have come from underneath the nail but that only happened once..." Injury? Shoes too tight? Did you ever inject drugs under the nail? (Had to ask-- some people do that.)

"I have been suffering from insomnia that past 3-4 days....Perhaps my sleep schedule is just off?" Your normal circadian rhythm is probably being thrown off by you staying up late some nights. This, plus stress and worry and drugs of course can cause insomnia. A lot of people have insomnia. Even a small amount of stress can cause it.

"I get random pains on my body, and often have the feeling as if a bug is crawling on me..." Everyone gets random pains. The feeling of bugs is maybe due to past or current drug use or lack of sleep (which causes weird symptoms) or stress?

"There are little pimples that appear on my chest, and other random parts of my body but go away completely after about a week." That doesn't sound very abnormal. Hard to say without pictures.

"There are times where I can see all the viens in my hand, or I look in the mirror at my chest and I can see the blue viens through my skin.." That sounds normal, too, especially if you're pale-skinned. You're probably examining your body more closely lately,due to thinking you might be ill, and noticing things like this that are actually normal for you.

"I have not cut my toenails in a very long time (2-3 months) but they do not appear to be growing back...." Sometimes toenails they just grow slowly. I think it can depend on the time of year.

"I have taken and abused extasy, acid, 2cb, cocaine, marijuana, oxycontin, and other pain pills/prescription drugs over the course of the past 8 months as well." So this is probably why your lungs hurt, you've lost muscle, and you have aches and pains. I'm going to guess your nutrition, hydration, and sleep have been poor this whole time?

I think you need to get some rehab, counseling, and get off drugs. Start eating lots of healthy proteins, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, organic meat/dairy and get PROPER SLEEP every night. It doesn't work to get 8 hours one night, 5 the next, 9 the next, and so on. You need proper sleep every night, a regular sleep cycle (even one night of partying can throw off your health), and proper nutrition every day to feel healthy.

"Any over the counter ailments I can use for the above stated symptoms? "
I would start with a good multivitamin, not more chemicals.

Also, since you have a history of drug use, if you've ever (even once) shared needles to inject drugs or shared tools, like straws to inhale cocaine, you really should get tested for blood-bourne diseases (hepatitis B and C, HIV) and also sexually transmitted diseases, if it's possible you engaged in sexual activity while high that you don't remember (or if you did engage in any that you do remember.) I don't mean to scare you, just to remind you of the risks. Testing for all of this should be available at your local state department of health, or they can tell you where you can get tested for free.

As far as whether you have a disease or something, you really need to get off all drugs and alcohol for a few months, live a healthier lifestyle, and then see what symptoms you're still having. If you then still have some that you think are possibly serious, find some way to go to a doctor. It's too hard to say what might or might not be wrong, as long as you're still using drugs (even "just" smoking) because drugs will cause symptoms.

Best of luck to you.