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Re: Another worried daughter needs help...Dad has Stage 4 PC.

Hello Chadhas family,

I do not have personal experience in this area of the disease treatment, so I cannot answer all your questions...

1) sorry, I am not equiped to answer
2) The biopsy is the only way to obtain a Gleason score. The tissue samples are examined under a microscope, and the pattern of the cancer cells are "graded" based on various definitions. I would agree, however, with your doctor that the biopsy doesn not matter at this point due to the advanced stage of metastasis. Gleason score tells how aggressive PC is, and can be used to estimate prognosis of metastatic cancer...which your dad already has.
3) My understanding is that once metastasis occurs, the actual PSA number is probably not as important as whether it changes. The PSA number does not predict whether or not a person will have symptoms or how long he will live. Many people have very high PSA values and feel just fine. Other people have low values and have symptoms. With advanced disease, it may be more important to look at the way the PSA level is changing rather than the actual number.
4) sorry, I am not equiped to answer

Sorry I could only be a partial help.

I have question for you, if you don't mind. To be diagnosed with a PSA result over 500 seems unusual to me, unless he went for years without having any PSA screening. PSA screening is relatively common in the US, but perhaps this is not true in India. Can you help clarify your father's background? Did he have prior PSA tests? Not trying to be nosey with this question, but trying to better understand the big picture. thanks, and good luck