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Re: What a Complete Waste of Time - Rheumy in Kansas City?

RainyNights, I'm sorry your appt. went this way! The dr. I still see re-ran my tests at a lab of his choosing, for the same reason. But before my appt., his staff had me fax my medical history *in my own words* (that was a first!), plus recent labs. During the appt., he showed me checkmarks he'd made, where he thought I'd already met some of the "4 of 11" lupus diagnostic criteria. (These are in a "sticky post" at the top of the thread list.) He also explained the criteria: once you meet one, think of it as being checked off permanently in indelible ink. I'd had chronic rashes, so he also shipped me to a dermatopathologist for one last skin biopsy. (That's a dermie who's also a pathologist, meaning does his own labwork.)

I'd understand a dr. re-doing bloodwork & urinalysis, but NOT that he didn't take a detailed medical history. Like you, sadly I've also concluded most drs. are egotistical jerks, but it's competence that matters... Have you seen enough drs. to develop a sixth sense about competence? Do you think if you were to return next week, maybe THEN he'd take your history? Whatever you decide, I wish you luck. Post more when you can, OK? With warm wishes, Vee