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Re: 2mm Brain Aneurysm Causing Symptoms?

lets just say YES and YES. just wondering what actually prompted even thst very initial visit to the chiro to begin with? did that chiro even do just the very basic X ray on you BEFORE even touching that c spine for ANY real adjustments? or did you ever have an MRI done ON that c spine before even seeing him either?

from the heading of this thread i am gathering that you actually did have history of at leat one previous annnie going on? what occured with that as far as treatment, coiling? just where was that previous one actually located within the arterial structures, do you recall? i too have had an annie that was actually luckily still pretty small but right in the bend of the artery in that L cerebellar artery back in 05. thankfully for me it WAS indeed coilable.

honestly? my personal feelings about any chiro adjustments even being done in that very risky c spine level, esp if there has not been any good contrasted MRI done and without actual clearance from any good neurosurgeon is just plain dangerous. i have known people and heard of many many different people on these forums over the years i ahve been here who HAVE suffered very detremental 'events' just from the adjutments doing very bad things to either the spinal cord itself, or even a dissection of the vertebral artery that actually just runs thru that heavily innervated and vascualar area of the spinal and simply within our necks to and from the brain as well.

the mere fact that you DO appear to actually even have yet another, which just IS a much higher risk for anyone with a previous one at all before(trust me here, i AM in this same boat with actually two totally different types of the vascular mals popping up in me), means a trip to your neurosurgeon and NOT a mere neurologist since they simply do NOT have the appropriate level of expertise with these little suckers at all. if you still have the one who did see you for the other since they would simply know YOUR history much better, or finding another to help you with this. this just DOES need a good NS eval and consult only to really know what the levels of risk you are dealing with and him possibly working with your old or any interventional neuroradiologist in order to just obtain ANY of the best possible treatment options for this particular annie and its current location too. any symptoms we can actually just have of ANY annie would directly correlate much more with its real location and in what particular artery it has chosen to pop up in too?

i also have a very bad c spine as well with two surgeries done for a herniated disc at c 6-7 and i also had to have like the WORST surgery in the freaking world that required them to have to remove yet another type of vascular malfrmation that i had been born with but never knew til i had that initial MRI done when my disc actually heriated? it was one of those lovely 'incidental findings"? it was smack in the middle left of the actual cord. that surgery was posterior approach and they had to do a trilevel lami from the c 6 down thru t 1 just to fully access that lesion in my cord. once those boney prominences become removed with any real lami, of course they don;t get put back on and my c spine has continued to simply deteriorate over these past few years since that surgery in 2003. my c spine is one huge mess.

god only really knows just what that extremely new ans what sounds rather violent adjustment did to you here hon. the sy,ptoms you are having could very easily be from ahveing anything impacting theay internal carotid among other possibles. anytime we even press into iour carotids, you can get very dizzy, off balance and it can create heavy nausea too simply becasue you are kind of messing with what is supposed to ALWAYS be a very heavily coordinaed and directed form of pressure within the arteries. even ahving that vagus nerve that also simply runs down from the cranial intothat neck areas too being impacted, impinged or even stimulated can also creat sudden nausea and dizzyness.

while you may NOT have had an actual strokew here,for ANY neurologist to even do what this idiot did to you is really just sick actually. what you just really do NEED the most right now is what i mentioned above, a really good neurosurgeon and a good interventional neuroradiologist to simply give you the very best form of treatment options for YOUR annie and its location too. and do NOT go back to that chiro under ANY circumstances right now. this annie is what NEEDS the most crucial attention adn evaluating by the right people who just know the most about what they mean to the patients and YOUR best bet for taking this out of circulation in whatever means that will take right now.

the interventional neurorad will simply do what he normally does at the beginning,a really good look at that annie with the very best way using the angiogram?? this just gives the IR the very best kind of 3D look at your annie and figure out whether or not it even is coilable too. but these are the people you need to start getting back in touch with here before anything else hon.

i do wish you lots of luck with this, but please, for your best shot here at getting the very best and quickest form of treatment, get yourself to the above mentioned specialists. please let me know what you find out here, K? this just DOES NEED attention much sooner vs later AP. marcia
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