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confusing neuro symptoms

A 47 yr old male friend started getting daily headaches in Nov 2009, out of the blue. Around the same time, he has grown increasingly grumpy, loss of interest in hobbies, low libido, worries about retirement,$$ etc. More recently he has exhibited weird rage, and feels tired right after and has not memory of it at all the next day. One night at a baseball game, he thought he lost control of his bowels and wanted to go home, but his wife didn't want to go right away, so he left without telling her. She went to look for him after a half hour and found him in the parking lot, pacing back and forth and proceeded to yell at her and call her lots of names, said he was cheating on her and pushed her to the ground twice. He forgot where he had gone and could not find their car anywhere. They took a cab home where he berated the cab driver and her the whole way. The next day he only remembers going into the ball game, nothing else. They found the car the next day on some side street in front of a fire hydrant.(he did drive it because he had the keys)
He was not drinking/drugs and not on prescipt drugs for 6 wks.
he has normal MRI, EEG, hormone levels, Lymes test..any possible test done was found normal. He is now on antidepressent and another headache med.
All his friends are stumped..none of this is like him. Can someone just get bipolar?? or could it be a form of epilepsy? 9 mnths prior, he was hospitalized for 5 days for an unexplained viral flu-type sickness.
Any thoughts??

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